Last year, I signed up for the Nike Run to the Beat Half Marathon (RTTB). I’d run a few 5Ks & tried to run at least once a week (I had personal training sessions three times a week) and I wanted to see if I could train and improve my fitness levels enough to do it. Unfortunately, I’m a little bit of an all or nothing girl, so the combination of intense PT sessions and a full on half training plan did no good to my body – I was exhausted & worst of all, I got injured – tendonitis a week before RTTB.

Retrospectively, I realised now that I probably could’ve run the half but I was already petrified (13.1 miles is far) and so I decided to sit it out. I was really upset – a few friends were running it too and I was unhappy to be missing out.

This year I’ve decided to enter Run Hackney and complete my goal of being a half-marathon runner. I’d just moved into the area; I figured it must be a sign that there’s a brand new half marathon happening right in my new neighbourhood? I took it as one anyway, and I got some friends at work to sign up too.

I’m following Nike Running’s training plan for beginners, and have been for three weeks now. There are three runs a week:  a short(ish) run, a tempo/speed/hills run and a long run, with one rest day a week and two NTC sessions. It’s a pretty full on schedule and it’s designed to improve your fitness so that you can finish the race. They have other training plans for running a PB and leading from the front, too.

Nike+ Running - Half Training!

This past week (ending on Sunday 4th) I ran:

4 miles = run commute to work
1 mile = hill intervals on the treadmill
7 mile =  long run

Running is such a mental challenge for me! On Sunday I faffed around procrastinating before putting my kit on and running the 7 miles. The first two are always so difficult, my mind automatically begins to protest, asking myself whyareyoudoingthisyousuckrunningiseeeeevilll. And then at around mile 3 I’ve set a nice pace and I can just get on with it. I dare might even say that I am beginning to enjoy training and the increasing miles. I’ve had another look at the route for Run Hackney and just the sight of it has left my stomach in knots.

This week I’m tackling 18.5 miles in total, and I have to plan this around a last-minute trip to Zurich so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it alongside some picturesque views of the river Limmat at least!

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