I started off training this week by killing two birds with one stone – I ran home from work on Tuesday (hashtag RunCommute) and was surprised to see I had an average pace of 9’49 p/m. So that left me feeling pretty good and ready to tackle the 5 horrendous miles I had to do on Thursday.

Why horrendous you say? Well, I exercise before work in the mornings, and there aren’t any hilly run routes close enough to my home to me to get to in the morning, so I knew I had to run on the treadmill at the gym. FivemilesonthetreadmillIhadneverdonethatbeforeandIwasnotlookingforwardtoit. Thursday AM came around, and I dragged my feet to Virgin Active and plonked myself on the treadmill. 1 mile warmup, 2 miles up hill and then 2 miles down…easy, right?

It was a really tough mental challenge and I will admit I stopped to catch my breath 5-7 times on the way up; I tried to keep them to 10 second pauses! I got through it though and at a pace of 10 min/mile so again, I was pretty happy with that.

Thursday saw me heading to Zürich! for a last-minute city break with my friend, Helen. I knew that I was going to be away; I needed to get in 8 miles (the farthest I have ever run non-stop) and I had a feeling that Zürich would be a great city to do it in. The weather forecast was to be 20 degrees and so I thought – “why not?!” Running in a foreign city would be exciting! I packed my trainers and running kit and headed to the airport, feeling confident about the long run, but also because I knew I had one day off!

Lake Zürich reflection(Lake Zürich)

I had  lovely few days in the city (that’s another blog post) but I was nervous about the 8 miles. Would I be able to do it? Would I fail? Adding to my anxiety was the fact that my friend Helen who I was with, was a pro half-marathoner, and Run Hackney was going to be her fourth. She ran her last half in 1:37 and is a total Speedy Gonzales. GAH! Is it normal to feel nervous about running with other people? Anyway, Saturday morning came and we got up at 7 am and headed down to Lake Zürich to begin our run…

We ran it in 1:21 and Helen and I ran side to side for the entire way, until the end where she did a sprint finish (I need to learn how to do those) and I was SO chuffed with myself. 8 miles?! Non-stop!?  I think I’m becoming a runner!!

(Post-run euphoria selfie)

Today, was 2 miles of speed-work, so again I headed to the gym to do 8×200 meters of sprints. Easy peasy lemon-squeezy. (sorta).

Tuesday – 3.1 miles RunCommute – Nailed it!
Thursday – Hills 5 mills, treadmill – Tough, but done.
Saturday – 8 miles in Zürich – DESTROYED
Sunday – 2 miles (speed-work; 8x200m).

Next week’s long run is 9 miles, and I won’t have the beautiful Lake Zürich to distract me…gulp.

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