It’s no secret – eating right and exercising often takes time & planning – especially if you’re training for a race or trying to lose weight! My recent trip to Zürich was incredible; I enjoyed myself, ate well and still got in my scheduled long run for Run Hackney.

If you want a few tips on how you can go on holiday and still be active & make healthy choices, keep on reading.

1) Sweat

Stepping stones, ZürichhornLet’s get the obvious out of the way, try and sweat at least once a day while you’re on holiday. If you’re training for a race – take your gym kit with you. Running in a foreign land is exhilarating! I stumbled upon this pond with stepping stones post-run in Zürich. Get active any way you can – make use of your hotel gym, walk instead of hopping in a taxi, or if you’re going to a resort – perhaps partake in some watersport action?

2) Get Some Vitamin D

Uto-Kulm, Uetilberg

Go and explore the land – isn’t that why you’re on holiday, to go somewhere new? Take a hike and revel in the view. Scope out different areas of the city. Or take a long beach walk. You’ll be working up a sweat in no time & working those glutes while you’re at it! While in Zürich I climbed to the top of Uetilberg – a lovely mountain that has multiple hiking routes.


3) Eat Balanced Meals

There’s a tendency for us to have a “holiday” mode – where we eat everything and anything; including all the processed foods we may usually steer clear of when we’re at home. While I’m all for indulging (Swiss chocolate, anyone?) remember sugar is incredibly addictive so a few too many indulgences makes it hard to reign it back in. Eat meals with whole grains and plant-based protein; I enjoyed this delicious Tofu and Pineapple Goan Curry with brown rice at an organic vegetarian restaurant in Zürich.

4) Hydrate

This is important every day & not just while on holiday, but remember to get in your H2O!

If you’re sightseeing stop off at little coffee shops and enjoy some herbal tea, or an iced tea if you’re in a hotter climate. If you’re drinking in a bar, choose cocktails with gin or vodka, or red wine – it’s full of antioxidants! We stumbled upon this tea café and they had herbal tea with my name(!), so of course I had to try it. And yep, it was delicious ;).

5) Snack

The fastest way you may succumb to the sugar monster is by not having healthy snacks on hand & by eating too many processed foods in the first place! Fruit & vegetables are universal around the world – pop into a grocery store and pick up some carrots & hummus, some apples or mixed, unsalted nuts. Why not seek out a health food store and try some foreign snack bars? I tried some amazing Omega 3 bars from Dr. Ritter – cold-pressed fruit & nut bars with banana!


6) Indulge

You’re on holiday, after all, so indulge in something sweet if you want to. Portion sizes are key here and so instead of having the entire cake, try a mini version instead! This luxemburgerli from Spruengli hit the spot.



Next time you’re abroad or away from home, try out some of these tips to enjoy your holiday and continue your healthy lifestyle.

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