If you have Instagram and you follow anyone who is even slightly on the right of the health eating spectrum, there’s no doubt that you would’ve seen the hashtag #smoothiebowl.

What’s a #smoothiebowl?

Think of the smoothie bowl as cereal redux; it’s the plant-based foodie’s update to cereal and milk (which is so 2008). It’s a fun take on drinking a smoothie; you eat it with a spoon rather than with a straw or in a glass. The clue is in the name, you make your smoothie as normal, and then you add your toppings: homemade granola, raw nuts and seeds, nut butter. Then you dig in and enjoy.

The health-averse  may be roll their eyes, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Even I scoffed at the idea! Smoothies in a bowl now!? Ugh, how obnoxious. And then one morning I thought there’s no harm in trying it….I’ll just see what all the fuss is about. Something about eating my smoothie out of bowl and sprinkling toppings on top made me feel unexplainably satisfied, and put a pretty big smile on my face…or it could just be because I was eating, which generally makes me pretty happy.

TIP: It’s better to drink smoothies/juices with a spoon, as this forces you to slow down, and eat slowly. When you sip drinks (particularly through a straw) you tend to finish the drinks much faster. This is not ideal for your digestive system; just think: how often do you scarf a whole banana/apple/coconut water/berries/spinach/nut butter, berries, carrots etcetera in under five minutes flat? Not very. Spoon, scoop, slurp.

The Top 6

The Popeye 

Frozen banana (for a thick & creamy smoothie, otherwise fresh is fine too), spinach, vanilla protein powder, frozen mango and coconut water.

The original green smoothie bowl

Berry Breakfast Bliss

Fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, spinach, greek yoghurt, prunes and water.


Cacao Delight

Raw cacao powder, cinnamon, spinach, greek yoghurt, blueberries and water.


Very Berry Compote

Frozen mixed berries, banana, spinach, coconut meat and water.


Blueberry Bounty

Spinach, coconut water, sunflower seeds, blueberries and greek yoghurt.


Coconut Grape Twist

Frozen mixed berries, red grapes, unsweetened coconut flakes, spinach, coconut water, and dried mango.


Hashtag smoothiebowl overload? Give it a go next time!

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