I’ve been “living” in Melbourne for a week!

While I can’t say it feels like home (yet), what I can say is that this city makes living an active and healthy life pretty easy and I hope I can find my place here. There are amazing veggie/vegan/raw restaurants, gyms/fitness centres/boutique studios on every corner, there’s an indoor rock-climbing centre in the middle of the CBD (central business district), juice bars, tons of parks for running – including one infamous area named ‘The Tan’ that I have yet to explore, discount health stores…but my favourite thing is how easily accessible it is to get healthy food and snacks in the grocery stores. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t your standard fast-food outlets and restaurants (oh – and there’s Nando’s everywhere here!?) but when it comes to doing your weekly shop, for example, you have the option of getting grain-free products right next to the processed grains without having to go to a specialty store! And the produce…I’ve never seen so many different kinds of lettuce/kale/tomatoes/fruit! I love it.

My biggest expense after rent & bills when I was living in London was food, so I’m not expecting to that to change one bit over here.

Over the past week I’ve been running errands (like getting my tax file number, opening my bank account etc) and just taking in the city and exploring. I keep having to remind myself to be nice to myself! I’m a creature of habit and really like having a routine; it makes day-to-day life easier. Obviously that will come with time, so for now I’m trying to embrace the (dis)comfort of the unknown by putting myself out there. Everyone I have met has been really friendly and so amazed that I’ve moved here alone, something that I’m quick to forget. The quote Once in a while, blow your own damn mind seems appropriate here.

I’ve still got lots more exploring to do, but here are a few snapshots:

A building at Melbourne Uni

Nighttime exploring at Melbourne University

Pressed Juices

Pressed Juices – after following these guys while I was in London I was super keen to try one of their juices. I got the Antiox 3 to help combat my cold – a mix of acai, lucuma, blood orange and passionfruit.

Mayvers <3

Healthy, delicious dark chocolate (cacao) and mixed nut butter spread. So.Good.

Flagstaff Gardens

Melbourne’s lucky to have so many open spaces in the CBD. This is Flagstaff Gardens


A dose of inspiration at Premium Performance’s Pop-Up Pilates Studio – an interview with the accomplished Steph will be featured shortly!

North Melbourne Train Station

Some things don’t change, like waiting for the train behind the yellow line

A room with a view

Winter mornings in Melbourne means sunlight peaking through the trees

Tea time

A hunt for fennel tea lead me to the Hampstead Tea company – little reminders of home

Workout tops

Affordable and cute workout bras from Target


Lack of a gym membership/routine & a need for inner peace means I’ve been getting my practice in daily <3

Old & New

Swapping the old for the new – Myki cards are Oyster cards for you Londoners

The Vegie Bar

Enjoying a glass of Rioja by the fireplace at The Vegie Bar



Great Earth Health Store. Love. Just love.

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