Happy New Year!

I’ve officially been blogging for a year, so if you’ve been with me from the beginning (back when my blog was called EdibleTems, and when it didn’t have its own domain)…thanks for sticking around and reading!

I’ve been absent due to a whole host of life changes and general disruptions that tend to happen when you move across to other side of the world.

A few updates:

1) I’ve been living in Australia for six months…!!! Highlights:

Seeing penguins at St Kilda,

St Kilda penguins

Melbourne’s markets, and Melbourne in general,

Melbourne Queen Vic Market

Visiting my brother and his family in Wellington,

Lloyd & I!

Constantly having my breath taken away by the beautiful beaches in Sydney,

Bondi-Coogee Walk

Eating All.The.Food,

Caramalised coconut quinoa & amaranth pudding - Auction Rooms Cafe

Exploring all the amazing health food/organic food stores,

Terra Madre - Northcote, Melbourne

Meeting new people & making new friends,


More babe(s)

Watching Sydney’s NYE fireworks with a perfect view…

Sydney NYE 2014

2) I moved to Sydney to experience a different Australian city, and for a new, insanely challenging and exciting job. I’ve been here for one month.

3) I’m no longer strictly Pescetarian! This is something I’d been thinking about for a while. I won’t be eating meat at every meal, and my recipes will still be focused on health, but once in a while there’ll be a meaty recipe.

4) Following on from that… I tried Kangaroo burgers. I didn’t really mind it…but I probably won’t eat it again.

5) I’m doing the Whole30! This is probably the update I’m most excited about. If you haven’t heard of the Whole30, it’s a mind-body reset that’s designed to change the way you think about food. It’s only 30 days of eating fresh vegetables and fruit, along with healthy cuts of meat (organic/or pasteur raised & grass-fed) and good starchy carbs, and that’s it. So that’s no: dairy, grains/pseudo-grains (no quinoa, buckwheat e.g.), added sugar (healthy or non-healthy), or alcohol.

The Whole30 program also suggests you eat (not drink) your meals, so smoothies are out. Snacking is also out – not that you can’t snack if you’re not hungry, but rather the intention is that you eat nutritiously balanced meals so you’re satiated. I know I sometimes snack not because I’m hungry, but because it’s a habit (after dinner snack attacks anyone..?)

After the past six months my body is totally in need of it. I’ve not had a proper gym membership, so really I took that as an excuse to not exercise and train as hard as I can and am used to. I’ve also been eating my way around Australia and New Zealand (eating all the food in Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Melbourne and now Sydney)…and while most of what I’ve been eating hasn’t been fried chicken and pop-tarts, it has been a lot of raw cakes (like from 80raw 20paleo…insanely good.) and the balance of eats & exercise has been non-existent for a while.

So I signed up to the gym around the corner from my house, and I am getting stuck into the Whole30 program! I’m on day 3 and feeling pretty good…watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Six Months in Australia”

    1. Hey Allison, it has been fun! Totally not the experience / way I thought it would all go when I was planning but that\’s been part of the fun :). Oz is quite expensive (food, attractions etc) but wages are a bit higher over here and the cost of living isn\’t that expensive. You should visit!

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