I completed the Whole30! Yay.

30 days of eating nothing but fresh vegetables, high-quality organic meat, fish and seafood, fruit and good fats.

Poached eggs & grilled vegetables

Poached eggs & grilled vegetables – homemade cooked breakie

No grains. No pseudo grains. No added sugars – even the healthier kind. No wheat, gluten or rye. No alcohol.

And I bloody loved it. It made me really aware of how I find excuses to eat when I’m bored/uncomfortable/stressed, AND it highlighted that when I have added sugars (even from dates etc) it attracts mosquito bites as I have higher amounts of fructose in my blood. The past 30 days I’ve been basically bite-free (when previously in December I had about 20 bites on one arm, alone!)

If you’ve never heard of the whole30 before, head to the website here. Also check out Leah and Danielle’s blogs – as that’s where I first heard about it and they’ve got great overviews.

The Good

– I love cooking, which is a good thing – because you gotta do lots of prep if you want to make it through the Whole30 in one piece. I loved that doing the 30 days made me get extra creative in the kitchen; I also really enjoyed cooking and eating meat again – I had missed mince beef!

– In the last week I felt like Xena Warrior Princess….still can’t do an unassisted pull-up, though. I’ll get there.

Steak with broccolini and asparagus

Steak with broccolini and asparagus – homemade!

The Bad

I disliked eating out – I don’t live near many “Paleo-friendly” restaurants and so often I felt like I was spending money on meals that were unsatisfying, bland and tiny. Grrr.

The Ugly

The constant “omg you’re not drinking? How? Please just have a drink” from friends/colleagues. This is probably (is it?) more to do with those people and less with the Whole30 itself, but forfckssake if I don’t want to drink; I don’t want to drink. It’s not a big deal!! Gaaaaaaaaaah. I rarely explain or justify my personal choices and so having to reiterate the above got on my last nerve. Grrr.

Salmon scrambled eggs - Well&Co Cafe, Glebe

Salmon scrambled eggs at Well Connected Cafe in Glebe (sans Sourdough)

I must say the hardest parts were eating out (no brainer), when my housemate brought home the most delectable range of macarons that were then shared between the three of them while I watched on salivating.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I love a good challenge and following the Whole30 plan truly highlighted how I had been previously eating according to when I think I should eat, instead of listening to hunger cues. If it’s 11am and I’m hungry, I’mma eat my lunch #yolo.

I loved the Whole30 so much I think I’m going to keep doing it…February’s a shortened month and all…;)

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