We’ve all heard of the saying “never let anyone dull your sparkle,” right? But what if it’s not one single person, or not a person at all? How do you cope and react if it’s a variety of personal and professional disruptions that are doing the dulling?

I’ve found it’s a bit harder to ignore. Hence the radio silence/lack of updates/ on temilasade.com.

When you don’t feel like yourself it’s difficult to do things that you once did. Moving abroad is an incredible experience but it can also have periods of tumultuousness.

Zürich 8 miles post-run selfieIncase you’ve forgotten what I look like. Post 8-miles in Zürich, back when running 8 miles wasn’t difficult :/.

That’s not to say that I’ve completely stopped doing what I love. I have been creating in the kitchen, and I have been exercising (BBG 2.0 anyone?!) and I am still as interested in food and fitness and nutrition as I was 9 months ago; however, something during this adventure has dulled my sparkle and I haven’t felt like sharing.

It’s not for trying; I have tried – multiple times in fact. I just couldn’t find the words, nor the energy or enthusiasm to blog.

Until now!

I have a recipe for a Whole 30 friendly curry that I want to share (sans photos, sorry!) along with a refreshing vegan fennel and rocket salad, inspired by Transform Health.

It’s a slightly dreary, overcast day in Sydney this Sunday – the perfect setting for some baking :).

If I still have any readers left – bear with me. I’m back.

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