Everyone’s talking about Joe Wicks – the total fittie and founder of the 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain nutrition & exercise plan.

I didn’t really know who he was but my TIDs did, and when I finally got involved, after I’d picked my jaw off the floor, stopped perving on him and stopped creasing up at his hilarious #LeanIn15 Instagram videos (In with da Lucy B!), I started to think about signing up to his plan to help me get fitter.

I exercise daily, usually: weights, cardio, yoga, walks to work & back – I aim to sweat once a day. But the past 9 months since I’ve been travelling, with no set routine has wreaked havoc on my fitness – my performance and my progress.So, I’ve enlisted in the help of The Body Coach’s personalised plan to help me feeling fit and healthy again.

The metrics I’m interested in are:

– Being able to do just ONE unassisted pull up by the end of the 90 days
– Being able to run 5K in 28 minutes
– Improved sleep
– Reduced anxiety
– Feeling less sluggish
– Clearer skin

I’m not naive, I know that I’ll have to take measurements including weight & body measurements to ensure that physiological progress is occurring, but I want to focus on the above. Numbers on a scale or on a measuring tape are arbitrary numbers and do not indicate or represent my value or worth; whereas the above metrics I think are more important to my overall wellness.

I’m starting on Monday April 6th! Follow along if you like – and let me know what physical challenges you’re putting yourself through, too!

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