Food, glorious food.

Egg, feta and spinach hash

This is what the SSS plan should be really called.

Everyone says it but…you’re eating a LOT of food.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster – I’m SO BLOATED I fear I look, and I feel like an inflated balloon. I mentioned in the first post that I wanted to get back to my pre Australia weight (or “excess baggage” as my trainer says) and right now I just feel like a balloon. De-motivating for sure.

Teriyaki Salmon, veg & konjac noodles

The main barrier this week was hydration. Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day isn’t a struggle, but getting the 4.5 daily is so, that’s my task for week 2.


The SSS plan is calculated to the gram for each individual person. So food prep feels a bit like science class, and I feel like a bit of plonker weighing everything out but apparently this changes a little in Cycle 2. Definitely invest in some kitchen scales if you’re going to get involved!

The infamous Build Up Bagel

When it comes to meal times, the plan works on the principles of carb cycling. This means after HIIT or PT in my case session fasted in the morning, you have a high carb meal, and then rest of the day low carb meals and two snacks.

Quorn stuffed peppers with mozzarella

On rest days all my meals are low carb (don’t be fooled into thinking low carb is synonymous with low cal). I really enjoy the food. It’s refreshing to just eat good, fresh food with minimal ingredients. NEWSFLASH: there is no such thing as a “superfood”, it’s a marketing term.

There’s a lot to eat, but it’s food that your body can utilise properly! I can feel the effect it’s having on revving up my metabolism already at the end of week one, despite the bloat.  I’ll be honest – I love cooking (duh), and It can be time consuming planning and prepping meals but if you’re going to invest in the plan you gotta invest in the time! The thing I hear the most is “oh I want to do this but I can’t eat that or really want to be able to have flexibility/ I don’t have time.” This is fine, but…remember: you get out what you put in. Make time. Make this your priority.

I’ve been so satiated with my meals I haven’t over-eaten or had midnight snack cravings, which is a complete flip to what I’m previously used when I felt like I could never get full, as I was watching my calorie intake. Even with my nutritional qualifications even I still fell into this trap! What I’m really loving this week is understanding how to fuel my body post workout so I can perform my best 🙂


The SSS plan states 4-5 times a week you do HIIT training, preferably fasted to maximise fat burn. I’m no stranger to this; I have a PT and I train with him twice a week – lifting heavy – he had me doing 75KG deadlifts and 20kg should presses last week. 3 time a week a do HIIT sessions. These have been a mix of stair sprints and plyometric bodyweight exercises.

Stair sprints & mountain climbers don't mix.

If I’m honest I don’t think I pushed to my maximum this week, so next week I’m going to ramp it up.


Week one was good. I love having support from Joe & his team via email (who get back to me super quick).
Bloating is bad (and horrible timing with PMS bloat, too) and messes with my head, but I’m trying to push through and see the bigger picture – it’s a long term 12 lifestyle adjustment, not a crash diet – this will be my mantra. I’m seeing improvements in my cardiovascular fitness (I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but burpees are getting a bit easy) so this is a plus.

I didn’t stick to the plan 100% this week as sometimes “life” gets in the way – a small glass of red wine, brunch out, a vegan meal out, a mocktail and a handful of popcorn.

Brunch out and not on the plan, veggies, protein & fats

The thing I noticed is, – the next meal/day I was straight back into it rather than fretting over guilt that it’s so commonly associated with these foods.

On that note – I’m so f***king over thinking about good and bad foods, and seeing chefs, media and Instagram-celebrity health coaches perpetuate this dangerously maladaptive myth. Too much of anything – healthy or not is bad for you. Food is glorious, and we should be grateful we have access to all kinds!

Next week will see me implement the many different supplements recommended alongside the SSS plan!

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