Week two, done. Done & dusted – probably not.

I’ve decided to make four meals and switch them around this week – low carb oatmeal, protein pancakes (high carb, for after HIIT), salmon fishcakes and paprika prawns. My favourite(s) of the four were definitely the oatmeal and the prawns! I made the pancake batter in a massive batch and then just cooked them up as required.

I think, to keep these weekly summaries fairly short & to the point – I’ll recap the highs and lows of the week ;).


– I did an insane HIIT session on Saturday and I was quite pleased with myself after – 20 minutes of sprints (speed 15-17), 20 minutes of a circuit – 4.5 minutes of work, 30 seconds rest. It included burpees, broad jumps, squat jumps, moving planks and skipping. Ooft, just typing it all out makes me tired!

– Gym prep/meal prep is more of a routine, and I’m pro at packing my bag and leaving the house at 6AM to get to my PT session on time

– I feel less bloaty! More PMS-y though. Not ideal.


– This whole 4.5 litres of water a day thing is just not happening for me. I manage probably on average 2.5 litres which isn’t bad, but still far off the mark

– BCAA unflavoured. It’s vile, and I bought a 50 servings worth bag so I need to get through it. Horrid

– The salmon fishcakes were fine at first…but 4 servings later at the end of the week and I didn’t want to see them, or cottage cheese again.


I’m feeling OK. Week two was alright. It was a full on work week so I felt a bit like I was doing a massive balancing act, but it went OK. Nothing much to report, except I think I’m getting sick so…we’ll see what happens next week.

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