I’ve almost come to the end of Cycle 1 on The Body Coach!

I’m quite nervous about ending the cycle – there’s been a lot to get my head around and I’m not sure if I want to shake things up for Cycle 2! And if I’m honest, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling anxious about whether or not my Cycle 1 results are impressive enough to be posted on Joe’s Instagram (not that this should be a “success” metric at all!!)

As amazing as the results photos Joe uploads are…I do think it inevitably breeds comparison between people currently on the plan; so many women (myself included) have insecurities about their body and are hoping to change months or even years of maladaptive eating/exercising behaviours with the help of Joe. So, when they see some of these results comparison (the thief of joy) rears its ugly head and has a disastrous effect sadly.

My friend Katie’s also following TBC and we like to support each other; she and I sometimes remind each other that this isn’t a quick fix or insane low-calorie plan, it’s designed to re-boot oft damaged metabolisms and burn fat not lose water weight which is a completely different thing.

Anyway, I’m 1/3 of the way through (almost – Cycle 1 for me ends on May 6th) and yes – I can see physical improvements (win!) but the ones I detailed as being more important when I started a month ago were:

– Being able to do just ONE unassisted pull up by the end of the 90 days
– Being able to run 5K in 28 minutes
– Improved sleep
– Reduced anxiety
– Feeling less sluggish
– Clearer skin 

I’ve bolded the improvements I’m already experiencing. The unassisted pull-up is going to require a lot of effort – my lats are hilariously weak underdeveloped,  as my PT found out the other day, ha.

The last two weeks have gone well! I’ve probably been 90% on plan – I eat brunch out on the weekends or will have an “off-plan” snack so that’s where the 10% is. Also, my water intake has good days and bad days – good days are 4.5 ltrs or more, and bad days are around 2.5 ltrs. I honestly don’t know why I’m struggling so much with it — actually. I do – my water strategy needs to be a litre first thing after waking and then usually I’m OK. Must keep on with this.

Meals wise – I’ve narrowed down my favourites from the plan – Tuna Salad, Build up Bagel (a thing of beauty), Stuffed Peppers (my all-time favourite), Teriyaki Salmon, Cajun Quorn Mince, Protein Pancakes, Low-carb Oatmeal, Egg & Feta Hash (in various forms) and Greek Omelette. Snacks are usually nuts, protein shake or an apple. The food really is all delicious and you do have to eat a lot of it; at the beginning I was finding it felt too much and now I can manage to put the portion sizes away. Bloody love food.

Peanut Prawns Paprika Prawns

Despite my nerves, I am looking forward to Cycle 2, new meals and doing more weight training. This week I’m not having any PT sessions; I’m going to smash out a week of HIIT only instead and then ramp things up with my PT, Alex next when Cycle 2 should be with me…!


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