That’s as best as I can describe the past couple weeks. I’m not entirely sure what’s been going on.

Why is this blog post titled “Collywobbles?” I’m sure you’ve all got extensive vocabularies, but for those whose have deteriorated as much as mine has post-University, Collywobbles means: intense nervousness or anxiety. But it has a much lighter, comical connotation which I quite like.

That might give you a better indication of my mental state and the reasoning behind this blog title.

I won’t go into detail – but for those following my The Body Coach 90 Day Shift, Shape, Sustain plan – I finished Cycle 1, and then had a week in-between whilst waiting for Cycle 2 where I practically undid all the hard work I did in Cycle 1 (ideal). I’m now doing an additional week of Cycle 1 before starting Cycle 2 on Monday (alongside my friend Katie in Scotland) so that we can motivate each other to put down the nut butter(s) and smash some weights instead.

In May, I went on many dates and it felt good to get back on the dating horse…but then I quickly snapped back to my senses (read: got bored of the cialisfrance24.com game-playing) and deleted Tinder.

Last week I quit my job as a strategist at my digital agency. I did this for a whole host of reasons, but the most important one is for myself: I’m going to take some time out to travel, take care of myself and put myself, not my career first. For once.

I leave in 5 weeks!

A few weeks back, I also attended an incredible all-day workout festival by Nike where I met some cool women, and exercised for 5 hours (more on that in another post).

If you’ve gotten this far I’ll leave you with a smattering of photos highlighting what I’ve been eating (and doing) the past couple weeks. It’s probably faster to show you what I’ve not eaten, tbf…

TBC Red Pepper Prawns

Sadhana Kitchen Avo Smash

Prymont Food Festival

Blackwattle Bay

Kale + Brussel Sprouts = Kalettes

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