Eat, Pray, Love is what most people think of when you say you’re going to Ubud.

I’d wanted to go to Ubud before I’d seen the film or read the book. Then my friend Pooja, with her brilliant literary taste suggested, nay, implored that I read the book.

So I did.

And thus my desire to go to Ubud grew exponentially. And it was pretty much everything I imagined and then some. Everything you may have heard is true – lush tropics, yogis, raw vegan food warungs (the Balinese word for restaurant) healers, hippies, travellers in abundance. It’s a health foodie/fitness/coach/nutritionist’s dream.

My days in Ubud went something like this:

Meditate, exercise, sweat, eat, walk, walk, walk, read, explore, get lost, taksi? transport? mah-sauce? sweat, sweat, read, walk, walk, eat, eat, shop, read, take photos, walk, yoga, eat, eat, walk, walk, walk, eat, sleep.

I miss Ubud terribly already (I’m in Seminyak writing this,) so here’s a round up of some of the meals I ate and my favourite places. Definitely recommend hitting up all of these places should you be in Bali.

Dewa’s Warung – Best Indonesian food on a budget

Dayu’s Warung – Best healthy food on a budget

Sari Organic – Farm to table, organic healthy food with a view

Alchemy – Most western-style raw/vegan restaurant

Holy Basil – Cheapest vegan food

Bali Buddha – Best variety of food (raw/vegan/healthy/Indonesian)

The Seeds of Life – Best raw vegan desserts

Putu’s Warung – Best satay sauce made from scratch (Lovina, Bali)

Divine Earth – Best raw vegan menu (Seminyak, Bali)

I may have eaten Ubud’s entire supply of: tempeh, steamed greens, carrot & beet juice, tempeh crisps, sesame cashews, SATAY SAUCE, and…did I mention tempeh? I had a love affair with tempeh before I got to Ubud but they do it so well there. It’s one of their main vegetarian protein sources. If you’re not sure what it is, you can educate yoself on the difference between tempeh and tofu here (and a quick little recipe too)! Ubud cemented itself as my favourite town in Bali when I stumbled upon Dewa’s Warung, for the price – they served the most moreish tempeh satay sticks for $2AUD…memories.

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    1. Oh man it really truly is – such a varied landscape and vibe amongst the different towns. Ubud is my favourite! I want to spend a few months living there 🙂

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