I’ve been reading and watching a lot to do about sugar lately. Most people are aware of the fact that sugar is a public health issue in most countries worldwide, as diet-related diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes on the rise, with children as young as 13 being diagnosed with the illness. I recently learned that the disease costs the NHS in the UK £9 billion a year – it’s madness for a disease that is largely preventable.

I like to get informed on these issues before forming my own opinion on them; however, I am largely against added sugar. I’m sure that my diet is within the recommended daily allowance (UK) of 7 teaspoons per day as I make informed choices in the grocery store…the sad reality is that the majority do not, and they do not know that what they’re eating has dangerous amounts of added free sugars.

If you want to know more about the affects of sugar and the correlation between processed food and Type 2 diabetes; or the huge American food companies & governments who extortion the WHO, then I’ve listed below documentaries I’ve watched and the ones currently on my list to watch.

Also, if you’re a British citizen, you can sign Jamie Oliver’s petition to introduce a 7p sugar tax on all sugary drinks, here.

Documentary’s on sugar/processed food/the state of public health:
Titles in bold denote the one’s I’ve watched.

Fed Up
Sugar Rush
That Sugar Film
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Supersize Me
Food, Inc
Chew On This (Ted Talks)
Fast Food Nation

I’m sure there are heaps more out there, so if you know of any I’ve missed – let me know in the comments!

Image credit: Flickr, Creative Commons

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